Orbital Corporation Ltd (OEC)

Orbital UAV is a world leader in tactical unmanned aerial vehicle propulsion systems and flight critical components. From operations in Perth, Australia and Oregon, USA the Company delivers integrated propulsion systems and associated technologies into the world’s largest suppliers of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Orbital UAV is uniquely placed to meet the performance requirements of the rapidly evolving UAV market through its revolutionary technology and proven operational experience. The Company’s world leading propulsion systems exceed the competition benchmark for reliability, power and system durability, and its patented fuel injection system enables advanced spark ignition using heavy fuel – a requirement for military applications.

Location:             Perth, Australia
Website:             www.orbitaluav.com
Contact:               contact@orbitalcorp.com.au  
LinkedIn:             www.linkedin.com/company/orbitaluav
Twitter:                @OrbitalCorpASX

Perth, Australia
Market Cap:
$19 million
Share Price & Volume

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